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Exclusive deals for freelancers

We are Brainbridge, an IT staffing company with 20 years of experience, focused on ensuring that freelancers get what they deserve! That’s why we built the Bridge. The Bridge contains exclusive deals you can really benefit from joining the Brainbridge freelancer community. With top-quality, professionally-negotiated deals just for you and your professional needs, and the support of Brainbridge know-how and expertise, you’ll be on your way to growing your personal business in no time! Become a member today and find the best deal for you!


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Our Bridge deals

Through careful work and examination, we’ve selected and provided the best, exclusive deals for our freelancers.  This includes all kinds of advantages for the freelancing community. We’ve already negotiated the best deals, to help you get the discounts you need! 

  • It’s simple & fast: you can claim your deals quickly and easily!
  • We’re also able to get you deals across a wide range of products & services. 
  • With Brainbridge deals, the freelancer life will be more easy.

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Meet the bridge

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The Bridge is an app powered by Brainbridge with exclusive deals for freelancers. The deals are carefully selected and tailored to a freelancer’s needs. Become a member of our freelance community and find the best deal! Save time & Save Money!





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At the moment only freelancers that are part of the Brainbridge community can access the app. Find out how you become a member of this freelance community .